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Compare Medical Alert Systems To Know The Best Senior Alert System

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If you are a senior living at home alone, what would you do with your independence? Chances are that if you are one of the millions of seniors living at home, independence can seem like a foreign concept. Before my mother found Vital Link Senior Alert Systems, independence did seem like a foreign concept. With the threat of falls, forgetting to take medication and other risks that are common with seniors that live home alone without assistance, independence can seem unattainable – something of the past. However, with the senior safe alert system like Vital Link, independence comes in the form of having a direct link to help if you need it – twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. With Vital Link, my life and my mother’s life has changed – for the better.

“With Vital Link Senior Alert Systems, emergency responders will be your back up if you need it – even if you’re miles away from home…”

As soon as you get rid of the dependence on others, you can effectively regain independence. Most seniors rely on their friends and family for the basic life necessities, especially if you are a home bound senior. Things like going to the market or running quotidian errands can be hard – sometimes impossible. Yet, with a senior safe alert device, you don’t need that reliance and dependence on others. With Vital Link Senior Alert Systems, emergency responders will be your back up if you need it – even if you’re miles away from home. These days my mother can do all the things she used to love doing, which is great for her and great for me.

senior womanWith Vital Link, now seniors can go out into the world and experience life on their own terms – without someone constantly holding their hand. Before Vital Link, I could remember the last time my mother visited the market alone – now she goes all by herself all the time. In fact, my mother goes a lot of places on her own – without my assistance. Having to wear Vital Link senior safe alert necklace, my mother is connected to a network that is constantly monitored by responders. Using GPS technology, emergency services can be just around the corner – no matter where my mother is. Can you imagine that kind of freedom as an elderly senior?

This new found independence for seniors can be a liberating experience. My mother is now focusing on that list she made of all the things she wanted to accomplish during retirement – during the years when you are supposed to be focusing on your own pursuits. With Vital Link Senior Alert Systems, you are connected with a single push of a button to emergency responders. People who uses’ Vital Link and even the various medical alert systems consumer reports can testify that Vital Link is the only senior safe alert device that ensures psychological assurance that they won’t get lost or find themselves in danger – from which has giving seniors the unique feeling that they have their life back. Wouldn’t you want yours back?

When it comes to senior safe alert devices, even if we compare medical alert systems existing in the market today, Vital Link is different as it cares and respects a senior’s quest for total independence.

Vital Link Senior Alert Systems is also a family run business, which I personally love, and they know not only what seniors want when it comes to feeling a sense of independence, they make it a personal goal to afford seniors the opportunity to achieve it. When it comes to independent living, a senior doesn’t want to rely on friends and family, a senior doesn’t want to fret about going to the market or having to worry about having to make an emergency visit to the hospital. I know my mother doesn’t. When it comes to independent living, a senior wants to feel like living their life matters, because oftentimes there are many more years to enjoy.

Are you ready for independence? Right now, if you call my friends at Vital Link, you will receive an amazing free gift – a unique LOCKBOX that hides your house key; so, that emergency responders can access your home easily and without having to breakdown the door. Simply hang it on your door handle, gate, metal pipe – or wherever you feel comfortable and you can change the combination whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Pricing starts for as low as $26.95 a month with no long term contracts – which means you can cancel at any time. Also, a 24 hour phone assistance will be available for immediate assistance.  You can actually call Vital Link right now at 1-800-752-5522 toll free and be sure to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call. That’s 1-800-752-5522.  The LOCKBOX is free to keep even if you cancel; but, you must call to receive this special offer. Learn more about Vital Link Senior Alert Systems, at and please, don’t forget to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call!

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  • Ruben R.

    October 5, 2013 at 2:06 PM
    Hello Gilda, can you explain a little bit further why vital link is the best among others aside from the “push of a button feature”? Because I am comparing some of the medical system providers at the moment and Vital Link is my top choice. Hope I can get more ideas about the system through you. Anyway, this is for mom :)
    • Gilda Golden

      Gilda Golden

      October 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM
      Hi Ruben R., Why Choose Vital Link? Better Business Bureau A+ Rating with no complaints, Service available nationwide, No Long Term Contracts- cancel your service at any time, No equipment to buy, Waterproof Pendant, Battery Backup – works even in a power outage, Lifetime Warranty, Highly trained, US-based operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, UL-listed and 5 Diamond EMD Certified Acadian Monitoring Center, No high-pressure sales tactics, 30-day, risk-free return policy, Low Monthly Monitoring Fee, Financial Aid Program, Voice to Voice Communication, Easy Installation with no special wiring, Family owned and operated, Medication reminders available, Call reminders to test, You will always talk to a live person when you call, 30 day money back guarantee, They actively support community events and advocate for senior causes

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