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Fun Activities For Seniors

fun activities for seniors, activities for seniors, activities for senior citizens

It may seem difficult to find activities that appeal to senior citizens, at least on first glance. The truth is that seniors are finding more and more ways to be creative, active and social. For those that are healthy and active, age is no barrier – they enjoy the same activities as younger people. Even for those that are less physically able, there is a plethora of activities that are both stimulating and fun! The key is doing what is enjoyable at the moment, what suits your lifestyle best.

The most fun activities for seniors usually involve a group of individuals either playing or working together towards a common goal. One great example of this, for the ladies anyway, is the Red Hat Society, an organization for women over 50. They dress up in purple clothing and fabulous red hats that the ladies themselves design and decorate. The ladies meet periodically for tea, lunch, dinner or shopping as well as doing volunteer work and hosting events. The Red Hatters and groups like it are a perfect way for an active elderly woman to get out and enjoy life with friends.

fun activities for seniors, activities for seniors, activities for senior citizens

Sorry, senior men can’t join the Red Hat Society, but there are many fraternal organizations such as the Eagles Club, Knights of Columbus, and others. These groups are well known for providing companionship and brotherhood to it’s members. Doing charity work within the community with a group of dedicated individuals is one of the most fun activities for seniors. It promotes feeling good, encourages physical activity and participation and does the community good too.

A fitness class is another fun activity for seniors, regardless of fitness level. Some gyms offer activities for senior citizens including low-impact exercise classes that are designed for seniors. Swimming or water aerobics, yoga, walking, bicycling (even on a stationary bike), and simple stretching are all examples of the types of exercises that will benefit seniors – all dependent, of course on the fitness of the person to begin with. Of all the activities for senior citizens, exercise is of the best – not just because it’s good for the body, but because it benefits the brain too, reversing brain shrinkage that occurs as people age, according to The Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences (Vol. 61A, No. 11).

fun activities for seniors, activities for seniors, activities for senior citizens

When it comes to activities for senior citizens, working with pottery, clay or ceramics can be quite fun as well as relaxing and satisfying.  Taking classes to learn how to throw pottery, model clay shapes or paint ceramics are all fun activities for seniors that also encourage learning new things. Seniors don’t have to be an award winning artist to create something beautiful and memorable. It also provides valuable social interactions with instructors and fellow classmates that may blossom into friendships beyond the class. In addition, this type of activity can help with relieving stiff joints in hands by getting them moving, and doing something creative makes it easier to keep going.

Book or movie clubs are another fun activity for seniors and it’s perfect for all fitness levels. By reading books or watching movies and then discussing them, seniors can offset the effects of aging on memory and mental clarity. The act of reading the book, evaluating it or studying the movies underlying meaning – and then engaging conversation is much more stimulating than watching television alone or doing another crossword puzzle. It’s not just the entertainment that makes these fun activities for seniors, but it’s also about the companionship and interactions with the other club members. Sharing refreshments, discussing the latest offering and getting to know one another can relieve the monotony of living alone and relieve feelings of loneliness and depression.

When it comes to fun activities for senior citizens, there are many opportunities for short group trips, often organized by travel agencies in conjunction with senior centers. These trips take the form of casino trips by bus or train that include a discounted fare, food vouchers, gambling vouchers, opportunities to win prizes, as well as entertainment and entry into events. The best part is that the driving is left to someone else so it’s all safe, fun and relaxing.

fun activities for seniors, activities for seniors, activities for senior citizens

Seniors that enjoy fresh air, sunshine and the blue sky that are active and able should definitely get outside and enjoy the weather when they can. There are many ways to enjoy nature that suit all levels of physical ability. Simply taking the dog for a walk around the block or through the park can certainly be enjoyable. Other fun activities for seniors that love the outdoors include birdwatching, fishing, boating, bicycling and hiking.

fun activities for seniors, activities for seniors, activities for senior citizens

Growing flowers as well as vegetable gardens have long been a favorite hobbies and fun activities for senior citizens. Whether it is a small container garden in the window of a small apartment growing a few herbs or a huge vegetable garden, gardeners love to see their plants grow and thrive. Community or family gardens that bring old and young together create an additional level of fun and the opportunity to spend precious time with loved ones.

A perfect addition to outdoor activities is digital photography. Seniors are often thought of as unable to operate new technologies and gadgets like the younger generation, but digital cameras are one exception. Since they are so easy to use – simply point, click and see the picture – seniors are increasingly finding this hobby to be of interest. It’s not strenuous as far as activities for seniors goes and nearly anyone can create amazing photos to share with others, inspiring them as well. In addition to taking the photos, learning how to send them to loved ones via the computer or how to put them on a website are fantastic ways to keep the mind sharp.

fun activities for seniors, activities for seniors, activities for senior citizens

When it comes to fun activities for seniors, the sky really is the limit. Getting older doesn’t have to mean slowing down and stopping the things that were so fun in youth. It should be, instead, a time of learning, exploring, encountering new people, places and experiences. Rocking in a chair, watching television while knitting sweaters may be the way that grandmothers used to be seen. Today’s seniors have so many fun and exciting options available that there is really no excuse for not participating.

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