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Senior Alert Systems: A Must Have for Aging Parents

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As your parents age, you may notice the role reversal begin, where you, the child becomes the caregiver. The fact is that there are many seniors that still desire to live in their own home in order to maintain their sense of independence. While this may cause some concern for their well-being, there are a number of modern tools and equipment you can purchase to ensure their safety.

A great way to determine if your parent may need help, in the form of a caregiver or nurse, is to evaluate their habits, appearance and overall status of their home. If you notice problems, you may need to talk with them about other solutions than them living alone.

However, before this happens, your parents may be fine living their independent lives at home. Some things that can offer safety and ensure their health, while giving you peace of mind, are listed here.

In Home Senior Safe Alert Monitoring Systems

If your parent, or other aging loved one insists on living at home, you can install an in-home senior safe alert monitoring system to ensure that if a fall or accident does occur, they can reach someone for help. It is estimated that every one in three individuals over the age of 65 will experience some type of fall. This can lead to a series of other more serious problems, which could lead to long-term hospitalization, serious complications or even death.

When you install a senior medical alert monitoring system, your loved one will receive a necklace or bracelet that with the press of a button will contact someone for help in the incident of a fall or accident. This means that no matter how far away you live, you can have confidence that your parent can get help if they need it.

senior alert systems, senior alert system, senior safe alert, senior medical alert

Bathroom Senior Alert System Devices

The bathroom can be a very dangerous place for seniors. The floors tend to be slippery, which is only enhanced by the water from the tub or showers. However, you can install safety hand rails, benches in the shower and if possible the installation of a walk-in shower which can significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur.

Automatic Lock Pill Dispenser

This is one of the most recent introductions for senior care. With most seniors taking multiple prescriptions on a daily basis, it is easy for them to become confused about what to take and when. Additionally, they may not remember taking the specific medication and then overdose on the medication, causing even more problems.

With the Automatic lock pill dispenser, you can set the right amount that will only be released, until the appropriate amount of time has passed. This can give you reassurance that they will not accidently take too much, causing further issues.

There are many senior alert systems available to help your senior live independently and safely. Additionally, it will provide you with peace of mind that they are safe and able to reach help when it is needed. Using the information here, you can learn about some items you should provide for your aging parent to ensure they are happy, healthy and safe.

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  • Jessica Will

    December 9, 2013 at 7:10 PM
    Indeed, despite of being forgetful, my mother is still insisting to live at home alone rather than going to somewhere else and that makes me worry about. I would like to get a senior alert system for her but as much as possible they are well trusted company and don't have long term contract.

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