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Vital Link Personal Emergency Response System For Senior Independence

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What if you could save your own life or loved ones life with a single push of a button? Every year, 1 and 3 seniors over the age of 65 will fall in their home. For those over 85, over half will fall and as more and more seniors are opting to live home alone, the problem is getting even worst, disproportionately worst. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury or death among the elderly. For those injured, the medical bills can be staggering. Most injuries are related to broken bones but the injuries often lead to lifelong debilitating problems.

But what if you had a solution to get help right away? What if you had a solution that could save a life and promotes senior independence? What if you had Vital Link Personal Emergency Response System?…

Vital Link Personal Emergency Response Systems is a family owned Better Business Bureau A+ rated company that provides a lightweight pendant that you wear around your neck or wrist. If you fall in or you’re in any kind of distress, all you have to do is push the button. When activated, a team of dedicated Emergency Notification System responders will communicate with you over the loudspeaker. To assess what kind of trouble you’re in, Vital Link will at the same time, call a friend, neighbor or a family member for help. They will even call emergency responders in case you need immediate help.

In this video, you’ll learn on how you can get your life back – your independence back, all with a simple easy to use device. So, be sure to watch this quick video carefully and follow along. At the end of the video, there will be a number to call so you can claim an amazing FREE GIFT that only comes with the Vital Link Personal Emergency Response Systems experience. For seniors living home alone, Vital Link Emergency Response System will be your greatest ally, not only will you have the safety and assurance of knowing that you have instant access to help whenever you need it. Vital Link, the medical alert system for seniors will also offer you unprecedented senior independence.

With this emergency response system, seniors can live alone without feeling so alone. More than that though, Vital Link is incredibly easy to use. There isn’t anything complicated to learn, no fancy gadgetry, just a button that you push. Also, Vital Link works with or without a landline. If you fall and need help, you don’t have to dial any numbers. Just a simple push will do on top of the pendant, there’s a medical alert console that is easy to connect and will dial an EMT certified operator. Again, in just a simple push of a button.

Also, if you live in a larger home or have multiple levels of your home or even if you like to spend time out in the backyard gardening, you can opt for more Vital Link Emergency Notification System coverage with the unit that allows you to speak right in to your pendant. That way, you can spend time in the outdoors but still get the help you need if you need it. Again, all with a single push of a button and if you want even more coverage, Vital Link has you covered with the mobile GPS unit emergency responders can be connected via cell network. So, if you’re at the market or out running errands and you need help, they’ll use GPS tracking to find exactly where you are. So, no matter what, help is just around the corner. All with just the simple push of a button, Vital Link Personal Emergency Response System saves lives.

The one question you have to ask yourself, will Vital Link save your life? Vital Link will offer the safety and security that only immediate access to emergency responders can offer. Imagine, no more worrying about your safety while enjoying your time in your home, in your garden or running errands. Age might have limitations but it shouldn’t be limiting with just the push of a button.

Try Vital Link Personal Emergency Response System…and if you call Vital Link today, you’ll receive an amazing FREE GIFT – A unique LOCKBOX that hides your house key; so that emergency responders can access your home easily, without having to break down the door. Hang it in your door handle, gate, metal pipe or whatever you feel comfortable. And you can change the combination whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Get Vital Link today! Pricing starts as low as $26.95/month and there are no long term contracts, you can cancel at any time. 24 hour phone assistance is available, any time. Call Vital Link right now at 1-800-752-5522 toll free and be sure to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call, that’s 1-800-752-5522. The Lockbox is free to keep even if you cancel but you must call to receive this special offer. Learn more about Vital Link, at Oh, and don’t forget to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call.

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