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Vital Link: The Senior Safe Alert Device You Will Ever Need

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If you go online right now and search for senior alert systems, chances are you will be inundated with results. And if you ask a medical care professional, or even a friend, or even compare medical alert systems to know what is the best senior safe alert device, chances are it will give you a number of recommendations. Yes, finding a senior safe alert device can be a frustrating and overwhelming venture. I know finding one for my elderly mother was a tiring task. However, there is only one senior safe alert device that stands out from the rest: Vital Link.  Vital Link senior alert systems combines all of the amazing benefits that personal senior safe alert system can afford – live-alone seniors, not to mention superior customer service (way better compared to other emergency response customer service) and other companies don’t even come close.

Why is Vital Link the only senior safe alert device you will ever need?

compare medical alert systems, Emergency Response, senior alert systems, senior safe alertVital Link is the only senior safe alert device you will ever need, because Vital Link knows what seniors are looking for in senior alert systems. In fact, Vital Link, which is family owned and operated and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, knows that seniors are looking for an senior alert systems company that cares not only about their needs to remain independent, but also their needs to be independent of the burdens that comes with other senior alert systems – And that is something I personally loved about the company.

One of the greatest things about Vital Link is that you don’t need to be connected to any wires. I know if I put a bunch of wires in front of my mother she wouldn’t know what to do. You also don’t need to install any complicated devices. You don’t even need to learn how to use any fancy gadgetry. With Vital Link, all you need to do is press a button. With no wires, you can go on living your life without having to constantly feel like your senior safe alert system is watching you. Vital Link will only be there when you need it – only in case of an emergency.

Also, with Vital Link you get the unique advantage of a lifetime warranty. Not many companies can guarantee satisfaction for a lifetime. This means that your investment is not only protected, but also appreciated. Vital Link also ensures that customers can cancel their service anytime if they aren’t satisfied compared to other companies that uses forceful sales tactics to get you to sign up for multiple-year contracts. Also, perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Vital Link is the only senior safe alert system that you will ever need, is that you can get a real person on the phone twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, which is another thing I loved about this company.

Again, why is Vital Link senior alert systems is the only senior safe alert device that you will ever need?

Once you sign up for Vital Link you will know why. You can also count on and trust the hundreds of testimonials of completely satisfied customers – myself included – who have also signed up with Vital Link. Whether you’ve fallen, forgotten to take your medication, or have become lost and disoriented, Vital Link will be there for you when you most need it. That is more than any other personal senior safe alert system out there can offer.  These days, my mother is happier than ever.

Right now, if you call my friends at Vital Link, you will receive an amazing free gift – a unique LOCKBOX that hides your house key, so that emergency responders can access your home easily and without having to breakdown the door. Simply hang it on your door handle, gate, metal pipe – or wherever you feel comfortable and you can change the combination whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Pricing starts on as low as $26.95 a month with no long-term contracts – which means you can cancel at any time. Also, 24-hour phone assistance is available at any time for immediate assistance.  Call Vital Link right now at 1-800-752-5522 toll free and be sure to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call. That’s 1-800-752-5522.  The LOCKBOX is free to keep even if you cancel, but you must call to receive this special offer. Learn more about Vital Link, at and please, don’t forget to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call!

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