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Why Vital Link is Better Than Any Personal Emergency Response System

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When my husband Don and I were looking for personal emergency response system, our first instinct was to call “the other guys.” Just a word of advice – this is never a good idea. In fact, we had a list of phone numbers. But Don and I kept trudging along – determined to find a personal emergency response system that would keep my mother safe, and Don and I asleep at night instead of worrying until the wee hours of the morning. At first we called the one of most popular company, and then we called another company that I won’t mention – let’s just say just say that the customer service was the worst among all the senior safe alert companies I have called. I thought that when it came in inquiring about senior safe alert systems that the customer service should at least be a little bit more sensitive.

After I called the other company’s customer service number and then a list of other numbers of other senior safe alert systems, we were starting to get a little frustrated. And when we finally spoke with Vital Link Personal Emergency Response Systems customer service– 1-800-752-5522 – it was a literal breath of fresh air.

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I knew that my mother needed a senior safe alert system that we can count on, but we were also hoping that the customer service would be great too. We were looking for customer service that would be available twenty-four hours a day – seven days a week. I feel like because we ourselves never stop caring about the ones we love, that the senior alert systems we rely on should care just as much. However, when I called the other company’s phone number, I got a decidedly different feeling. I felt this way when I called a lot of senior alert system customer service numbers. It was also the feeling that I later found out a lot of other people had when they called the other companies’ claiming they have the best emergency response device.

“After calling the other company’s customer service phone number, it was plainly obvious that Vital Link Senior Medical Alert Systems cared more…”

This is not something my husband Don and I were looking for in a senior alert system. However, out of all the senior alert systems we called, they all gave us that bad feeling. But after calling lots of phone numbers and then spending a few pleasant minutes on the phone with Vital Link, our minds were totally made up. It was plainly obvious that Vital Link cared more. With Vital Link’s customer service was like day versus night. This is an experience that I recommend all people have when they sign up with a personal emergency response system. This is why I recommend Vital Link. These days life is much peachier, my mother is happier and Don and I are even going on more trips.

And if sign up now with my friends at Vital Link, you will receive an amazing free gift – a unique LOCKBOX that hides your house key; so, that emergency responders can access your home easily and without having to break down the door. Simply hang it on your door handle, gate, metal pipe – or wherever you feel comfortable and you can change the combination whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? Pricing starts for as low as $26.95 a month with no long term contracts – which means you can cancel at any time. Also, a 24 hour phone assistance will be available for immediate assistance. You can actually call Vital Link right now at 1-800-752-5522 toll free and be sure to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call. That’s 1-800-752-5522. The LOCKBOX is free to keep even if you cancel; but, you must call to receive this special offer. Learn more about Vital Link, at and please, don’t forget to ask for your FREE LOCKBOX when you call!

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  • Olivia L.

    October 12, 2013 at 3:56 AM
    I agree with you Gilda. Some companies have great products; however, have unfriendly customer service. Vital link has the total package. I really appreciate how they value their customers and I’m happy being one. (^_^)
    • Gilda Golden

      Gilda Golden

      October 22, 2013 at 4:58 AM
      Hi Olivia, Good to hear that! Enjoy Vita Link :)

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